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Welcome to a new way to experience your Self.
Welcome to A HIGHER VIEW

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Who am I?  Why am I here?  Where am I going?

These are the core questions that most human beings are asking.  Many of us puzzle through trying to understand ourselves.  It seems that we should know our own mind quite intimately, but why does this deep understanding elude us so effectively?

I have some techniques available to help in this search for clarity. 







HYPNOSIS IS: A quieted and focused brain state. Just like when you are reading a good book or watching an interesting movie, the brain-chatter slows down and you can put your total focus into your experience.
HYPNOSIS IS NOT:    Magic, brainwashing or unconsciousness.  Many people have misconceptions about hypnosis based on Hollywood and other media. Unlike being asleep or under anesthesia, during hypnosis you are even more aware than in a normal waking state because you are using much more of your mind; accessing the conscious, subconscious and in some sessions even the super-conscious mind. During hypnosis your conscious mind is still aware and available to you. Therefore your free will remains your free will. Your good sense is still completely available to you. You can remember everything vividly after your session. You may be provided with a recording upon request.


Can I be hypnotized?

Anyone who is willing to be hypnotized can be. Hypnosis is simply lowering your brain wave activity from the normal Beta state down to a deep Alpha or even a Theta state. Everyone experiences these deeper states each night as they fall asleep and each morning as they begin to wake up. Your Hypnotherapist can't do this for you or to you, but will be the catalyst who helps you to do this for yourself. Yes, you can fight it if you want to, but most people don’t waste their  money or time to prove that they can’t be hypnotized. Anyone who wishes to fight this going into a trance state can do so. Conversely, anyone who wishes to lower their brain wave activity to the deeper states required for hypnosis can learn to do it. 


"Well Being" seems to move from the top-down and from the inside- out; or from the mind down to the body and from the subconscious mind out to the conscious.  Let's get back in alignment with our highest and best self.

Let's Learn to be Well!

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