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Here is a menu of some of my services:

4 hr. Quantum Healing-the Dolores Cannon Method=$240
4 hr. Life Between Lives=$240
2 hr. Past Life Regression-$125
1 hr. Hypnotherapy Session-$65

QHHT- QUANTUM HEALING: the Dolores Cannon Method
Throughout her career spanning more than 45 years, Dolores Cannon has developed hypnotherapy techniques that access the higher part of ourselves; what I usually call the Higher Self or the Super Conscious.  This part of our "mind" knows all that we have ever been, done, seen and experienced.  It also holds the information about whatever we are experiencing as disease in our body and/or mind. Better than just knowing about the cause, this part of us holds the power to change the issue and bring healing to us. Take a journey to your deepest subconscious to find the underlying causes of your current situation, whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual. Ask the questions that you've always wanted to ask of the Higher Power.

Time required: Minimum of 4 hours

Click here for more information about QHHT as developed by Dolores Cannon

This unique journey will take you to that place where you experience "heaven" or being at one with All.  Through this process, you will travel beyond your body and into the world of Spirit.  You will get to look at the essence of Who You Truly Are.  The process requires 3 1/2 hours, and will include relaxation and regression exercises that will take you back through your current life and into a previous life, then through the death process of that lifetime to follow the progression of where you go and what you do after you leave the body.  You will get to meet and converse with the Spirit Guides and Teachers who work with you here in your current life.  This journey is different for each one who embarks on it, but it always has a profound effect on one's fear of death and one's belief about the meaning of life.  It is during this experience that one might recieve the answers to those pivitol questions: "Who am I? Why am I here?  Where am I going?" 
Time Required: 3 1/2 to 4 hrs.

  Perhaps the hidden but underlying cause for an unexplained physical problem, a phobia or an instant attraction lies beyond your curruent life experience.  What if you have lived before and will live again?  What patterns and fears have you brought with you?  How can you change your behavior so that you can live the rest of this life (and how many others?) more peacefully and successfully?  Using hypnotherapy, I can help you see and feel these experiences for yourself. 
2 hours

BLOCK BUSTING:   Can you get yourself part of the way to your goal and then stop.  You are not a failure!  When there is a disagreement between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, the conscious can not win.  That is why “will power” seems so weak.  The goal must become accepted and implanted into the subconscious before it can be achieved.  We can work with creating your personalized affirmations and reframing your mind (s) to accept and create your desired results.  Time Required: 1 hour

REIKI TREATMENTS:  "Human beings are energy systems. If we accept this premise, then life energy is the essential and most basic element of the human energy system." (from the Usui Reiki website.)  Reiki is a hands-on treatment of infusing this life energy into the body.  I use Reiki during all of my work, but you can also have a Reiki session by itself.  Time Required: You choose.  Min. 30 minutes

PAIN CONTROL HYPNOSIS:  Your mind has the ability to effect your pain response.  Through Clinical Hypnotherapy techniques, I can show you how to  turn your "pain dial" up and down.  Then I can teach you to use self-hypnosis to work with this on your own.  You can also learn techniques for relaxing in the Dentist's chair and other stressful situations.  True power starts with being able to control your own mind. 
Time Required: 1 hour

TRAUMA REDUCTION:  Have you had an accident or been through another kind of severely troubling experience?  If you started having difficulty sleeping, became hyper-vigilant, lost the ability to concentrate among many other symtoms, you may be in need of recovering from the trauma.  Hypnotherapy has some great ways to help you to begin the desensitizing process.  If you need more than we can handle, we work with some great licensed professionals that we can refer you to.  Time Required: 1 hour

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